Our Story

I am Monkonjay G. King, the owner of Monkonjay African Closet. Originally from West Africa, Liberia.  Currently living in Boston, Massachusetts. At the age of 9, my family fled Liberia to escape the civil war raging at the time. Living in America, I was constantly ridiculed for my African outfits.

Monkonjay African ClosetMonkonjay African Closet


People thought the colors were too bright, the designs were tribal and the look was too fierce. In school they called me "African booty-scratcher", "Monkey-Jay" and other names to strip me of my confidence. What they couldn't take from me, was my sense of identity bestowed to me by my African style; the bright colors highlighting my uniqueness; the tribal designs honoring my heritage; and the fierceness granting me power. That's why I created Monkonjay's African Closet, with the sole purpose of bringing you the latest and the greatest in African fashion. Our authentic urban cultural gear will inspire you in the Spirit of Africa, passed down by our ancestors.